Definition of in one's bones in US English:

in one's bones


  • Felt, believed, or known deeply or instinctively.

    ‘something good was bound to happen; he could feel it in his bones’
    ‘he has rhythm in his bones’
    • ‘The magic is certainly there - you can feel it in your bones.’
    • ‘The Albanian people who make up a good part of our parish understood this in their bones; many of the Americans seemed not to.’
    • ‘Surely, when it is over you know it in your bones, and why would a manager have reason to thank you?’
    • ‘If we care deeply enough, if we feel it in our bones, then we won't take this sitting down.’
    • ‘You know how you get a feeling in your bones that everything's coming up roses?’
    • ‘We believe in our bones that what we are doing is the right thing.’
    • ‘Tocqueville understood this milieu in his bones.’
    • ‘You know, in your bones, that this is what you're supposed to be doing.’
    • ‘I said I felt in my bones that it would be different than after previous European trips.’
    • ‘Park status confirms what the locals already felt in their bones, that their home and environs are special places, worth getting excited about.’
    • ‘Deep in their bones and their hearts, they expect to win, an assumption borne of talent, experience, and mental toughness.’
    • ‘Russell said that he couldn't quite understand what Wittgenstein was saying, but he felt in his bones that he must be right.’
    • ‘If there's one thing about Native people, one thing we've always had in our bones,’ she says, ‘it's community.’’
    • ‘I could feel it in my bones that he was up against something stronger than his will and his prodigious intellect.’
    • ‘I always thought this war was a bad idea, right from the start I felt it deep in my bones.’
    • ‘You either feel it in your heart, in your bones, in your gut, or you don't.’
    • ‘Wood can no longer see him - but as an insurance man you cannot help but believe he felt the risk in his bones.’
    • ‘It's not something medical… I can just feel it in my bones, just instinct.’
    • ‘In the end, they will have to feel it in their bones and smell it in the air, finding the words that ring true.’
    • ‘But they know, in their bones so to speak, that there are no more Saladin-like saviors out there.’