Definition of in obedience to in US English:

in obedience to


  • In accordance with.

    ‘he was acting in obedience to his conscience’
    • ‘‘This is a significant step forward and continues a process which could well change the face of English Christianity - which would be in obedience to God's gift and calling,’ he said.’
    • ‘God expected human beings to live in obedience to God's commands, give God due honor, and fill up those places in God's kingdom that had been left vacant by the fallen angels.’
    • ‘I have argued that Anselm understood God as having created an ordered relationship of beauty and harmony in which human beings lived freely in obedience to God.’
    • ‘Clement answered that the courts and the country must simply have confidence that the executive, in obedience to its treaty obligations, would never do such a thing.’
    • ‘He develops his slumbering powers and compels them to act in obedience to his sway.’
    • ‘Your Honour, in obedience to requests made to me informally by the Registrar, I invite your Honour to certify for counsel.’
    • ‘Australia assumes a comprehensive jurisdiction over its own ships in obedience to, or at least in conformity with, the general body of international law, which is codified in that Convention.’
    • ‘He had spent years in obedience to his god, showing infallible fidelity and sincere enthusiasm for his religion, while Narayon had offered empty lipservice only as she was required.’
    • ‘If the nation is occupied by such forces, then political violence is not criminal, but an act of liberation in obedience to a higher law.’
    • ‘Once, in obedience to a voice he heard and interpreted as the voice of God, Savonarola preached one of his most terrifying sermons.’