Definition of in future in US English:

in future


  • From now on.

    ‘she would be more careful in future’
    • ‘I would like to fine him for the Diver Lifeboat Fund and to warn him to be more careful in future.’
    • ‘I need hardly add that this particular young wretch will be taking the train or walking in future.’
    • ‘Maybe he won't be so quick to be a pawn in someone else's chess game in future.’
    • ‘Recommendations will be made to the school about the way they conduct SATS in future.’
    • ‘Without these feelings I would be powerless to strive for change, to do better in future.’
    • ‘One regular correspondent also took umbrage and promised not to write in the Press in future.’
    • ‘Women will in future be directed to birthing units in Chippenham and Trowbridge.’
    • ‘I shall however in future be careful to exclude all mention of the players involved.’
    • ‘They will face spot-checks in future to make sure the rules are being abided by.’
    • ‘I hope in future the police only work to protect and serve us, that no one is above the law.’
    from now on, after this, in the future, from this day forth, from this day forward, from this day on, from this time on, hence, henceforward, subsequently, in time to come
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