Definition of in deep water (or waters) in US English:

in deep water (or waters)


  • In trouble or difficulty.

    ‘he landed in deep water when he began the affair’
    • ‘Both teams are still in deep water at the bottom of the table.’
    • ‘It is evident the administration is in deep water.’
    • ‘With journal entries, though, I may find myself in deep water.’
    • ‘Many Christians only think of God when they are in deep water, they get in trouble and they scream for God, they get out of trouble, and they run back to their sin and rebellion.’
    • ‘With his manipulative talents, he landed his opponent in deep waters.’
    • ‘But when I get in deep water, I prefer to announce that I'm in over my head.’
    • ‘I've been in deep water and he hasn't been in deep water and we'll see how he handles that.’
    • ‘I'm already in deep water with readers after last week's cruel column in which I described how I plucked and ‘dressed’ a pheasant which was already dead when it came into my possession.’
    • ‘If it's anything like the outcome of tonight's final episode, then, fellow viewers, we are in deep water.’
    • ‘How many times have we found our selves in deep water over small and not so small issues?’