Definition of in context in US English:

in context


  • Considered together with the surrounding words or circumstances.

    ‘it is difficult now to view these masterpieces in context’
    • ‘The cross of St. George, like any symbol, must be understood in context if it is to be understood at all.’
    • ‘Chagrin seems to me to have nothing to do with raging ambition, though the connection may be clear if you read the sentence in context.’
    • ‘First, I find it much more comfortable to read weblog entries in context.’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be good if readers could see for themselves how the quote looks in context?’
    • ‘In other words, our ecological sins need to be put in context with all our other sins.’
    • ‘I might be able to offer a better opinion if I can view it in context?’
    • ‘The writer's duty at such a moment is to speak accurately, to put a life in context.’
    • ‘I'm tempted to scan it and post it, but you really have to read all three pages to see it in context.’
    • ‘It means that legal texts need to be considered in context, in order to be understood correctly.’
    • ‘We have to put this in context and not think that we are looking at the absolute moral decay of mankind.’
    • ‘Children become aware of death at an early age, and try from as young as four to understand and place it in context.’
    • ‘Seen in context, there was nothing blasphemous about the second act and the overall theme of the piece was a highly moral one.’
    • ‘It's useful also to put this in context, given the rhetoric that surrounds it.’
    • ‘While there has been an increase in waiting list numbers, these figures should be viewed in context.’
    • ‘Here is Frank's speech, to bring back the memories and put the current scandal in context.’
    • ‘Unusual terms and Anglo-Saxon words are explained in context on the first occurrence.’
    • ‘Many of Parker's friends were surprised at her political conversion, but in context, she was not unique.’
    • ‘To put that in context - that's about three times the size of the equivalent tax cut a year ago.’
    • ‘But you've got to keep the result in context and not get too carried away.’
    • ‘I do agree with many of the writers on this thread that it is interesting to see the work in context.’