Definition of in back in US English:

in back


North American
  • At the back of something, especially a building.

    ‘my dad demolished an old shed in back of his barn’
    • ‘He took the duffel bag from Kellie and threw it in back of one of the SUVs that was in Jones' driveway.’
    • ‘By then, the cars in back had almost caught up, and were trailing right behind us.’
    • ‘My right leg is a little sore in back, and that just came about today.’
    • ‘The conversation spread across the aisle, then to the seat in front, the row in back.’
    • ‘The tight pant legs just touch the top of the boot heel in back and break one time on the instep.’
    • ‘Small fenced gardens were in back of most of the huts, and chickens seemed to be everywhere.’
    • ‘When she woke up, the sun was setting in the western horizon, in back of the plane.’
    • ‘I sat in the passenger seat and Erik in the drivers seat with Dan and Jake in back.’
    • ‘The beast's whiskers touched the front of the tub and its tail curled up in back.’
    • ‘The window itself looks out on the track and football field in back of the school.’
    • ‘They had been kept away because the trees that you see fallen in back of me had been on the roads.’
    • ‘I could see a garden and path leading into the forest, which was in back of the building.’
    • ‘His hair was cut short in back, but long silver strands fell softly into his eyes.’
    • ‘I felt my eyes roll in back of my head, the way it happens when you are falling asleep while watching TV.’
    • ‘I tried offering the front seat to Anna, but he insisted she sit in back with Matt and Travis.’
    • ‘The three cops got in back with many words of thanks and offered me an orange.’
    • ‘Boxer had dropped me off in back of the club, before heading inside and finding a table near the stage.’
    • ‘Those in front of them were pushing them back, those in back of them were pushing them forward.’
    • ‘The manager at our local grocery keeps it locked up in the safe in back - you have to ask for it special.’
    • ‘As we continued out to the ship, one of the crew in back told us the same thing had happened on the previous day.’