Definition of in answer to in US English:

in answer to


  • As a response to or as a result of.

    ‘in answer to the stresses on modern woman, we have developed a range of beauty treatments’
    • ‘As if in answer to her request, a pair of arms wrapped around her, holding her tight to a chest.’
    • ‘For the millennium, Caroline launched a new collection called Studio, in answer to a call for more extravagant clothing.’
    • ‘This futile exercise is in answer to the Burnley riots and will only force integration, which will breed contempt.’
    • ‘As if in answer to her thought she heard low mocking male laughter in her ear.’
    • ‘He launched his Back to Basics campaign in answer to the increasing tide of scandal which was damaging his government.’
    • ‘Your Honour, I believe I have said what I can say in answer to the application.’
    • ‘Amanda Fisk, director of operations at the trust, said the move was in answer to financial difficulties.’
    • ‘He will be asked to utilise the pace of Michael Owen in answer to the ferocious, explosive bursts for which Argentina are renowned.’
    • ‘Her head raised in answer to what I thought had been my silence but I had apparently spoken her name.’
    • ‘Early illnesses, often erupting as if in answer to some other crisis, kept him out of school for years, and in the company of pious nannies.’