Definition of in advance of in English:

in advance of


  • Ahead of in time or space; before.

    ‘we went on ahead in advance of the main group’
    • ‘Several practice sessions will run in advance of two qualifying sessions to set the grid for the first two races.’
    • ‘In relation to the latter, it was decided to complete all developments in advance of the opening.’
    • ‘There have been a string of similar stories that have exploded in advance of honours proclamations in recent years.’
    • ‘Swindon will make the transfer next month well in advance of the national deadline of January 1.’
    • ‘One of her cheap tricks is to bring out your review two weeks in advance of publication.’
    • ‘A party was held at the home yesterday in advance of her birthday, and her family were taking her out for dinner tonight.’
    • ‘Now, if you feel strongly enough about it, you can be in advance of trends once you have your own home and responsibility for it.’
    • ‘First Minister, you asked for a briefing note in advance of meetings with your ministerial team.’
    • ‘Volunteers have then been given the necessary training to use the machines in advance of an ambulance arriving.’
    • ‘This evening I'm off to the final dress rehearsal in advance of tomorrows grand finale.’
    • ‘Please note all items should be sent well in advance of date of publication.’
    • ‘Ask for the report to be in your hands well in advance of the sale.’
    • ‘The album will be on sale at the gig, with a limited edition CD cover in advance of the real packaging early next year.’
    • ‘Try to start making childcare arrangements well in advance of when you need them.’
    • ‘It will also ease existing legal barriers to a newspaper apologising in advance of legal action.’
    • ‘However, he confirmed that negotiations in advance of May 21's crunch vote had taken place.’
    • ‘We would use the current weakness to build a position in advance of a recovery in passenger numbers in 2006.’
    • ‘The effect, however, is often to gag councillors from speaking out in advance of a planning committee.’
    • ‘According to Football League rules, a club has to apply some four weeks in advance of the fixture to change its date.’
    • ‘Modern logic is far in advance of the logic of Aristotle and has overcome some of the limitations.’
    before, until, till, up to, previous to, earlier than, preceding, leading up to, in advance of, ahead of, ante-, pre-
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