Definition of in actual fact in US English:

in actual fact


  • Used to emphasize a comment, typically one that modifies or contradicts a previous statement.

    ‘people talk as if he were a monster—in actual fact he was a very kind guy’
    • ‘No, in actual fact, I listen to many types of music including popular music.’
    • ‘I actually had the advantage of reading in detail his words and, in actual fact, he did not quite say that.’
    • ‘Sometimes a customer will ask for a maintenance contract when, in actual fact, they need a lot more.’
    • ‘In actual fact, the Brazilians could have scored more goals, but this did not happen.’
    • ‘Still, I haven't met many people who were kinder and more even-handed, or less racist in actual fact.’
    • ‘The accused, in actual fact, had not previously been to Cuba.’
    • ‘In actual fact, we appear to benefit from this change rather than suffer.’
    • ‘They SAID they loved you, but in actual fact, it turned out that they didn't.’
    • ‘But in actual fact, dance classes are fun, active and educational, whether your kid's a budding Bonnie or not.’
    • ‘In actual fact, it was a pleasant encounter and it is nice to see that coming out of our Police Force.’
    really, in fact, in actuality, in point of fact, as a matter of fact, in reality, actually, in truth, if truth be told, to tell the truth
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