Definition of in a whirl in US English:

in a whirl


  • In a state of confusion.

    • ‘All this summer's got my head in a whirl, though, and I can barely concentrate.’
    • ‘My head was in a whirl with all that I was seeing, and I kept pleading with the baron to make our cab go slower so I could look around.’
    • ‘My mind was in a whirl and I didn't know what to do.’
    • ‘His mind had been in a whirl since his brief meeting at the Devon house with Marie Devon and the enigmatic Lisa.’
    • ‘Edward was in the stunned process of thanking him, his head still all in a whirl with the terrible news, when the squire entered the room again, followed by Ellen.’
    • ‘Keziah sat down at the back of the group, her mind in a whirl.’
    • ‘As usual, these sorts of fluctuations set the market in a whirl, with mixed reactions to the improvement in the pound's value.’
    • ‘I had never had so many articles of clothing, and the silver and bone brushes, combs, and manicure tools in the kit left me feeling as if my head were in a whirl.’
    • ‘Harrogate Town are getting in a whirl ahead of the new season following the announcement of Jacuzzi UK as the club's new sponsors.’
    • ‘Just thinking about the implications of getting the position have had my mind in a whirl all weekend.’
    spin, daze, stupor, muddle, jumble
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