Definition of in a moment in US English:

in a moment


  • 1Very soon.

    ‘I'll be back in a moment’
    • ‘There are other references to that sort of concept which I will come to in a moment as quickly as I can.’
    • ‘We'll have the details when we return in a moment.’
    • ‘We'll talk about this teaching aspect in a moment.’
    • ‘We shall see why this doubleness is so important in a moment.’
    • ‘We'll have the results here coming up in a moment.’
    • ‘‘I'll be down in a moment,’ she offered quickly, reaching down to grab at her boots.’
    • ‘I will be removing some people from the Chamber in a moment, very quickly.’
    • ‘‘I'll have it out in a moment,’ the waitress noted quickly and left to pick it up.’
    • ‘I will be out of here in a moment, as soon as I find the door.’
    • ‘I want to talk to you about Washington in a moment.’
    very soon, in a minute, in a second, in a trice, in a flash, shortly, any minute, any minute now, in a short time, in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, in less than no time, in no time at all, before you know it, before long
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  • 2Instantly.

    ‘the fugitive was captured in a moment’
    • ‘The resulting sculptures are almost spookily realistic - every pore, fissure, sinew or callus can be captured in a moment - immortalised in stone or metal.’
    • ‘Her eyes suddenly flowed over and in a moment, she was crying freely.’
    • ‘Burge drove straight out, and in a moment, was on the highway.’
    • ‘Your lives can be changed in a moment, with a sudden call to duty.’
    • ‘He read the parchment instantaneously and figured out the complicated prophecy in a moment.’
    • ‘He popped the pill and swallowed in a moment and sighed as the drug quickly took effect.’
    • ‘A career was predicted in a moment, a life foretold in an instant.’
    • ‘The sky, which was once golden, turned white and grey in a moment as lords and ladies ran for cover.’
    • ‘Phillip moved swiftly and was beside her in a moment, pulling her into his strong embrace.’
    immediately, at once, straight away, right away, instantaneously, suddenly, abruptly, all of a sudden, on the instant, at a stroke, forthwith, then and there, there and then, here and now, that minute, this minute, that very minute, this very minute, that instant, this instant
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