Definition of in a hurry in US English:

in a hurry


  • 1Rushed; in a rushed manner.

    ‘the city offers fast food if you're in a hurry’
    • ‘We got up in a hurry, Tony rushing to find something to cover himself up with.’
    • ‘His enjoyment didn't last as he was in a hurry and hated to rush.’
    • ‘He advised farmers to avoid rushing into planting in a hurry and doing bad work as a result.’
    • ‘Lizzy and Becky just stared at Steve's absence of table manners as he shoved food in his mouth in a hurry.’
    • ‘Indeed, Sarah was often a woman in a hurry and her household economy was a busy place.’
    • ‘He laughed too, but you could tell he was bothered, and he rushed off in a hurry.’
    • ‘Mommy jumped from her chair in a hurry, then quickly put her hand to her head.’
    • ‘They are a great invention for busy people who need to prepare food in a hurry.’
    • ‘He paused and he seemed like he was in a hurry so he rushed out.’
    • ‘Our bags were packed in a hurry and we had to rush to our limo that would take us to the ship.’
    in a hurry, running about, run off one's feet, rushing about, dashing about, pushed for time, pressed for time, time-poor
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    1. 1.1 Eager to get a thing done quickly.
      ‘no one seemed in a hurry for the results’
      • ‘He spoke rapidly, for he was in a hurry to get home to his early Sabbath dinner; but he knew his business.’
      • ‘She watched as officers quickly made their way past her desk in a hurry to solve whatever case they were working on.’
      • ‘Katie walked away as fast at she possibly could with out looking too in a hurry to get away.’
      • ‘It was rapidly darkening outside, and she was in a hurry to be leaving.’
      • ‘It is my understanding that the software will remain valid - which is why everyone is in a hurry to buy a copy before February 27th.’
      • ‘Believe me, I am eager to finish it in a hurry, and to do so I have taken a couple of days off from the laboratory (this is also a secret).’
      • ‘However, at lunch, those serving food were in a hurry to finish off the job quickly.’
      • ‘Indeed, the elderly woman prodded her way in fast, grandmotherly steps as if she were in a hurry to take her medication.’
      • ‘Their net savvy customers no longer have to rush out in a hurry to check their mail or surf the net for the information they are looking for.’
      • ‘The bell rang loudly and she saw students rushing out their classrooms, clearly in a hurry to get to lunch or class.’
    2. 1.2informal usually with negative Easily; readily.
      ‘an experience you won't forget in a hurry’
      • ‘It was a remarkable moment; not one you'll forget in a hurry.’
      • ‘It had to be one of the most exciting and challenging matches of the year and one I wont be forgetting in a hurry.’
      • ‘It was an experience I will not forget in a hurry.’
      • ‘It's certainly not going to be a year that I forget in a hurry.’
      • ‘Overall, it was a lesson that the Kiwis would not forget in a hurry.’
      • ‘It was one small moment in my life, but I won't forget it in a hurry.’
      • ‘It was to be a mistake not forgotten in a hurry - he failed to do his research about the handler.’
      • ‘This season will not be forgotten in a hurry as a result of all the happenings, both on and off the football fields!’
      • ‘I won't forget in a hurry the evening our camp is invaded by marauding cows.’
      • ‘That was scary, and not something you forget in a hurry.’