Definition of in a fog in US English:

in a fog


  • In a state of perplexity; unable to think clearly or understand something.

    • ‘Eliza was still in a fog of disbelief and confusion.’
    • ‘Tibyn's mind seemed in a fog as thick as the smoke.’
    • ‘I wasn't wearing the black suit, and I was still in a fog.’
    • ‘My head spinning in a fog, I drifted slowly off to sleep.’
    • ‘His mind was in a fog, and his vision came and went.’
    • ‘My head was immersed in a fog, and I couldn't even understand the words coming out of the platoon sergeant's mouth as he pinned my new rank on me.’
    • ‘Still, after waking up in a fog at 10 a.m., he shook off the cobwebs and nailed his performance just three hours later.’
    • ‘I woke up in a fog, everything around me was hazy.’
    • ‘The next day at the rink you're completely in a fog.’
    • ‘Instead, the president continues to operate in a fog of denial, serving up rosy assessments of the mayhem he has unleashed.’