Definition of in a bad way in US English:

in a bad way


  • Ill or in trouble.

    ‘Sammy shivered. He was in a bad way’
    ‘the fleet was in a bad way, mainly due to a shortage of spares’
    • ‘His teeth were too long, his hooves in a bad way and he had septicaemia, a disease caused by toxic micro-organisms in the blood.’
    • ‘A nearby householder, who did not want to be named, said: ‘He's in a bad way and is going to need plastic surgery.’’
    • ‘His arms were in a bad way - there were no bandages on him at that stage.’
    • ‘He has been standing up on his own, which is a good sign, and he is eating, but his nostrils and throat are still in a bad way.’
    • ‘She looked in a bad way, but there was very little anybody could do.’
    • ‘He was in a bad way, so very weak, only the occasional half-hearted flap of his wings.’
    • ‘He was in a bad way so I took him home to nurse him and planned to bring him back when he was independent at three months old.’
    • ‘I couldn't see her face when they pulled her out, but she looked in a bad way.’
    • ‘They kept stopping for breaks and water and the girl was in a bad way.’
    • ‘He looked in a bad way and I think they took him off at Singapore.’
    unwell, sick, not well, not very well, ailing, poorly, sickly, peaky, afflicted, indisposed, infirm, liverish
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