Definition of in (or within) living memory in US English:

in (or within) living memory


  • Within or during a time that is remembered by people still alive.

    ‘the worst recession in living memory’
    • ‘It's hard to credit it now, but there was a time within living memory when we tried to lure foreign tourists with romantic images of whitewashed cottages and rustic simplicity.’
    • ‘An old farmer told her how this was the worst famine in living memory.’
    • ‘The silage season of 2002 will be remembered as one of the worst in living memory.’
    • ‘It was a portent of climatic things to come, which culminated in the worst floods in living memory in cities such as Prague and Dresden.’
    • ‘But it was still one of their worst electoral performances in living memory.’
    • ‘The land was now enclosed, paving the way for farming as a modem business; the agricultural labourers were penniless and struggling as never before - at least never before within living memory.’
    • ‘First, the sheer scale of the disaster puts it in the running for the dubious title of worst natural disaster in living memory.’
    • ‘The tragedy is that as this scramble continues, Kenya is going through the worst economic slump in living memory.’
    • ‘Much of the region was reeling under the worst drought in living memory.’
    • ‘He said the summit had allowed only 75 minutes for discussion of the worst farming crisis in living memory.’