Definition of in (or out of) the loop in US English:

in (or out of) the loop


  • Aware (or unaware) of information known to only a privileged few.

    • ‘So, if you haven't got an invite by now, you're out of the loop.’
    • ‘Currently that's the scoop we've got for you - we'll keep you in the loop about new information as it becomes available to us.’
    • ‘Gossip isn't always vicious, sometimes it's just informative and keeps you in the loop.’
    • ‘I'm not completely out of the loop, though, I must confess.’
    • ‘You know you're out of the loop when you get the announcement of the new baby and you didn't know your friend was even in a relationship.’
    • ‘I've been out of the loop for a while, so tell me - is this old news already?’
    • ‘Don't let your reclusive tendencies shut you out of the loop entirely.’
    • ‘Once you're out of the loop, though, you wonder why anyone watched it.’
    • ‘I have a good enough relationship with some of the faculty in the linguistics department there that I would not be totally out of the loop.’
    • ‘She tries to keep us informed and in the loop with most of the stuff that goes on.’
    privy to, aware of, acquainted with, informed about, informed of, advised of, apprised of, mindful of, sensible of
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