Definition of in (or out of) stock in US English:

in (or out of) stock


  • (of goods) available (or unavailable) for immediate sale in a store.

    • ‘Any items not in stock may be ordered for customers and will be available within forty eight hours.’
    • ‘The pashmina scarf he wants for his mother is not in stock at the government shops.’
    • ‘You can substitute a goat for the camel should dromederies be out of stock at your local shopping emporium.’
    • ‘She found a shop that stocks school attire but they had no navy in stock and she was promised a pair would be ordered for Monday.’
    • ‘Christmas cards are now in stock in the Lifeboat Shop at the Dunmore Lifeboat Station.’
    • ‘On average, the 20 Sainsbury shops had three items out of stock - more than double the industry average.’
    • ‘This is an opportunity for consumers to see what their local gallery and frame shop has in stock.’
    • ‘Most of the shops have them in stock in thread sizes to fit the different shoe brands.’
    • ‘Replicas were made by studio assistants of his most successful works and kept in stock for possible sale.’
    • ‘Site visitors can also check inventory in real time, so they know immediately whether a product is available or out of stock.’
    for sale, on sale, available, on the shelf
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