Definition of in (or into) force in US English:

in (or into) force


  • The state of being in effect or valid.

    ‘the law came into force in January’
    ‘the US has over $8 trillion worth of life insurance in force’
    • ‘A judicial review is to be launched today at the High Court to overturn the ban which comes into force in February.’
    • ‘The building needs to comply with the disability discrimination act that comes into force at the end of the month.’
    • ‘He specifically hit out at the new EU-imposed restrictions which came into force last January.’
    • ‘The order comes into force on Saturday and will remain active for six months.’
    • ‘Today, the civil unions bill comes into force, and people can apply for a licence.’
    • ‘Saturday marked the first test of the controversial Hunting Act, which came into force on Friday.’
    • ‘New Zealand banned smoking in all workplaces last December and a similar ban has just come into force in Italy.’
    • ‘This is the third set of powers contained in the Anti-Social Behaviour Act to come into force locally.’
    • ‘The new school year has begun at Summerhill and hence the new traffic plans have come into force.’
    • ‘For many it was an emotional day as the ban, which many believed would never come into force, finally arrived.’
    • ‘The huge payments are being made under a clause in the consultants' new contract that came into force this year.’
    • ‘If approved, it is hoped it will come into force within the current financial year.’
    • ‘Huntsmen say they have made a mockery of the law by legally killing a fox, only hours after the hunting ban came into force.’
    • ‘The electoral roll which Bradford Council is working from came into force on December 1.’
    • ‘Under the Hunting Act, which came into force in February this year, it is illegal to allow a pack of dogs to hunt and kill a fox.’
    • ‘It exceeds all standards and will do very well with the energy labelling when it comes into force.’
    • ‘From April a new system of collecting garden waste will come into force.’
    • ‘But this could be due to the fact application forms were only available on the day the act came into force.’
    • ‘The government has also begun council tax revaluation, which comes into force in 2007.’
    • ‘Other large businesses have been working to limit the effects of the ban before it comes into force.’
    effective, in operation, operative, operational, in action, valid, on the statute book, current, live, active
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