Definition of in-line skating in US English:

in-line skating


  • See in-line skates

    • ‘However, it is also a great year-round, adult playground with such varied activities as mountain biking, hiking, fishing, golfing, soaking, and, of course, in-line skating.’
    • ‘Remember that the sport of in-line skating is very cool, very fun and can be quite wacky, but as a role model for the beginner we all have a responsibility to execute our stranger and more dangerous maneuvers out of eye and camera shot.’
    • ‘For mature skaters, in-line skating is one of the best forms of non-impact aerobic workouts around.’
    • ‘Activities that have been found to complement in-line skating include bicycling, running, swimming, skiing (both Nordic and alpine varieties) and, of course, ice skating.’
    • ‘Since that experience, in-line skating has become a big part of my fun and fitness repertoire and I've learned how to actually enjoy skating downhill.’