Definition of imputation in US English:



  • See impute

    • ‘You are not, as you have said, expected to judge that answer, but when it comes to replies, the Standing Orders are pretty clear that arguments, inferences, imputations, etc., are not acceptable from a Minister.’
    • ‘However, it may be that her testimony amounts to casting imputations against the prosecution witnesses.’
    • ‘The unspoken presumption is that the majority can be cowed into silence forever with accusations of racism and imputations of guilt, and because sophisticated opinion is uniform on the subject.’
    • ‘So, providing that any appeals are not instituted or disposed of, we can then file an amended statement of claim with such further imputations as we care to rely upon.’
    • ‘I am not surprised that recently I have been the subject of imputations by senior ministers that I am politically motivated and seek to discredit the government in the lead up to an election.’