Definition of impudence in English:



  • The quality of being impudent; impertinence.

    ‘his arrogance and impudence had offended many’
    • ‘‘Yes,’ the queen replied, curtly, still ruffled by her husband's impudence.’
    • ‘Yet she could not help herself and paid dearly for this impudence.’
    • ‘The impudence and the irony of the attack can escape no one.’
    • ‘She sashays with admirable impudence into the back quarters of the salon.’
    • ‘She had the impudence to get impatient, tapping her fingers on the desk, and tidying empty bags as she waited.’
    impertinence, insolence, effrontery, cheek, audacity, temerity, brazenness, shamelessness, immodesty, pertness
    presumption, presumptuousness, disrespect, insubordination, irreverence, flippancy, bumptiousness, brashness, boldness
    rudeness, impoliteness, ill manners, bad manners, unmannerliness, discourteousness, gall, ill breeding
    freshness, cockiness, brass neck, sauce, sauciness, lip, mouth, face, nerve
    sassiness, chutzpah, nerviness
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