Definition of improvable in US English:



  • See improve

    • ‘At the heart of player development however, is a unique new system featuring a class specialization tree and many different individual skills that are potentially available, and once obtained, improvable.’
    • ‘Instead, I'm pretty sure, you're going to have to do a lot of work and build a measurable, predictable, improvable system that keeps getting better over time.’
    • ‘The innate goodness of an improvable humanity, like the oversight of a benign deity, eroded along with faith in democratic institutions.’
    • ‘Teaching is closer to an art than it is to a craft or technique, and, though it certainly involves mysterious transactions, it is nevertheless a public activity that is improvable through practice and criticism.’
    • ‘Third, to decide and act as if we were nothing more than complex and vastly improvable machines has another troubling consequence.’