Definition of impressionability in US English:



  • See impressionable

    • ‘As one acquaintance remarked, Pater cultivated ‘a wise, grave passiveness, a gentle susceptibility, a kind of soft impressionability… I never remember a single unkind criticism or remark ’.’
    • ‘Do you really want to exist in a state of constant intense impressionability?’
    • ‘Traditional astrology considers the Moon a significator of change, fickleness and easy impressionability; and yet few astrologers would dare to disregard its powerful influence upon earthly events.’
    • ‘The display is not on the grounds of a public school, where, given the impressionability of the young, government must exercise particular care in separating church and state.’
    • ‘The alleged superior receptiveness or impressionability of the little girl endows her with a fluidity of viewpoint particularly suited to the urban environment and with a greater capacity to sustain and recode the shocks it affords.’