Definition of impoundment in US English:



  • See impound

    • ‘The papers state the obvious, such as loss of licence and impoundment of vehicle, as well as court dates.’
    • ‘If your pet should wander off in search of a mate, you may be faced with paying fines and impoundment costs or worse should your pet be injured while roaming for a mate.’
    • ‘This trip visited a 300-acre area of landfill, fresh water tidal marsh, and dredge impoundments that is bordered by the Delaware River, Pennsauken Creek, and Route 73.’
    • ‘Some of the impoundments were lined with plastic, which flapped over the edge of the dirt embankment like a garbage bag inside a trash can.’
    • ‘Of even more importance to freshwater fishing, and particularly dams or impoundments, is the barometric pressure.’