Definition of implantable in US English:



  • Capable of or designed for being implanted in living tissue.

    ‘an implantable defibrillator’
    • ‘The auditory brainstem implant consists of an implantable receiver/stimulator package, an electrode lead, and an electrode array.’
    • ‘In specific populations, clinical studies have demonstrated improvement of patient survival with the use of these implantable devices.’
    • ‘Our cardiologist offered her an implantable defibrillator and biventricular pacemaker, but she refused.’
    • ‘The benefit from implantable defibrillator therapy appeared to be strongest in those with moderate heart failure at enrollment.’
    • ‘The continuous body-heat battery has a range of applications in implantable and attachable medical devices, as well as wristwatches.’
    • ‘If you have the condition, treatment depends on what type you have and may include medications, implantable devices or, in severe cases, a heart transplant.’
    • ‘The two were part of a four-man team that developed the first implantable defibrillator.’
    • ‘Ventricular assist devices are implantable pumps used for circulatory support in patients with congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘Another device may also some day power implantable medical devices.’
    • ‘Caregivers prefer to use as low voltage a shock as possible in order to minimize tissue damage and preserve the batteries of implantable devices.’
    • ‘From implantable devices to sharps products, surgical tools to x-ray equipment, metal continues to be a mainstay of the medical industry.’
    • ‘Human hair keratins provide a structural diversity ideal for biomaterials and are highly tolerated as implantable materials.’
    • ‘One possibility is to improve the performance of a currently marketed implantable or patient-contact device through the addition of a drug or biologic.’
    • ‘He gave as an extreme example the £17,000 cost of an implantable defibrillator operation, of which the Trust could only reclaim £4,000.’
    • ‘Laser welding of miniature coils is performed by a company specializing in the manufacture of implantable cardiac and neurostimulation leads.’
    • ‘In the early 1980s, implantable devices designed to replace and repair damaged temporomandibular lower jaw joints were introduced.’
    • ‘This may occur, for instance, when a new component is used with a variety of different devices, such as a new porous coating for a range of implantable orthopedic devices.’
    • ‘The race to design and test new implantable devices could help correct this imbalance.’
    • ‘There are still only a handful of companies willing to supply polymers for implantable medical devices, and there are many restrictions on the use of these polymers.’
    • ‘Let me get this straight, we still use the same basic combustible engine for automobiles that we have for the last 100 years but now we can put implantable chips in patients?’