Definition of impermeability in US English:



  • See impermeable

    • ‘Thermal effects of clothing on users are related to the weight, the bulk, the sweat impermeability, and the basic thermal properties of the fabrics.’
    • ‘Because the photodamaged lysosomes still maintained the impermeability to sucrose, both the normal and photodamaged lysosomes suffered the same degree of osmotic stress in the hypotonic sucrose medium.’
    • ‘He contrasts this with the impermeability of the anti-absorptive text, which produces ‘artifice, boredom, exaggeration, attention scattering, distraction, digression’.’
    • ‘Surface run-off is due to the impermeability of exposed rocks, steepness of the slopes, and thinness of the soils; this causes great variability of stream flow.’
    • ‘Pedestrian access and routes have also been improved; this was an important consideration, given the site's impermeability (enmeshed by motorways and slip roads) and that many staff will arrive on foot.’