Definition of imperfectly in US English:



  • In a flawed or incomplete way.

    ‘MPs represent, however imperfectly, the democratic will of their electors’
    ‘the disease was imperfectly understood at the time’
    • ‘Parties that, however imperfectly, represent the younger generation are still kept out of the race.’
    • ‘Historically, labor unions have worked (however imperfectly) toward such a vision.’
    • ‘The international institutions in general work very imperfectly.’
    • ‘Cholera was essentially a product of impure water, a disease that was imperfectly understood at the time.’
    • ‘In the United States, the candidate would be flanked by a wall of myrmidons with imperfectly concealed shoulder holsters.’
    • ‘At the end the sense is of having fully learned a lesson which had before been only imperfectly taught or imperfectly grasped, or both.’
    • ‘Historians must strive for objective truth, however imperfectly.’
    • ‘Organizations may be able to adapt only imperfectly to environmental changes.’
    • ‘Lower income countries were forced to dismantle the protections they had so imperfectly built against foreign control.’