Definition of imperator in US English:



Roman History
  • Commander (a title conferred under the Republic on a victorious general and under the Empire on the emperor).

    • ‘The Romans continued in the use of opium as a medicinal and as a poison, and according to Pliny the imperator Nero was an ardent user of various plant poisons, including opium, to eliminate enemies.’
    • ‘He wore the robe, crown, and scepter of a triumphant general and used the title imperator.’
    • ‘But when they paraded the old man through the streets and the crowds likewise hailed him as imperator, the die was cast.’
    • ‘The Senate of ancient Rome, another republic with imperial entanglements, entrusted war-making to a commander-in-chief, the imperator or emperor, whose office became all-powerful, hereditary, and its holder a living god.’
    • ‘Augustus Caesar had been imperator of the Roman Empire for more than twenty years.’
    ruler, sovereign, king, monarch, potentate, lord, overlord
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Latin, from imperare ‘to order, command’.