Definition of impeller in US English:



  • 1The rotating part of a centrifugal pump, compressor, or other machine designed to move a fluid by rotation.

    • ‘This type of humidifier has a rapidly rotating fan called an impeller, which turns water droplets into a fine mist.’
    • ‘The valves have stainless steel disks and the bells and impellers are made of cast iron.’
    • ‘Wear opens up the seal area allowing some of the higher pressure water exiting the impeller to flow back into the lower pressure area below the impeller.’
    • ‘It can also analyze flows created by assemblies with non-symmetrical enclosures, such as impellers and centrifugal pumps.’
    • ‘Offering four different models, these handheld digital instruments quickly and easily read wind speed via a sturdy impeller.’
    • ‘Closed impellers are more efficient with water and very liquid manure, but cannot handle large solids.’
    • ‘Rotation of the impeller draws liquid through the inlet cap opening and pushes the liquid through the pump flow path.’
    • ‘The engine output shaft drives the torque converter's impeller, which uses fins to pump fluid - in this case engine oil - to drive vanes on the torque converter's turbine.’
    • ‘In this area, it is investigating the use of improved cooling fans, impellers, and other devices that can help keep processors cool.’
    • ‘Consider what you need to displace during jobs like repairing the fresh water pump or changing an impellor.’
    • ‘As the bubbles pop, shock waves are created within the pump that not only make noise but also burst with enough force to damage the impeller and other pump parts.’
    • ‘Centrifugal pumps are not positive-displacement pumps because the impeller can slip in the liquid.’
    • ‘Clear any broken pieces of the old impeller that could clog water flow.’
    • ‘This is one durable resin - one well suited for functional prototypes like impellers, pump housings, headlight reflectors, and wind tunnel test models.’
    • ‘It whips it up to speed dramatically, but the impeller doesn't compress the air or generate boost.’
    • ‘The stator has one more blade than the impeller, and is designed to reroute the airflow from the fan in a more coherent way, as well as minimize fan noise.’
    • ‘High-speed impellers for pumping corrosive gases in certain industrial processes are aluminum weldments.’
    • ‘The impeller on the water pump was just about gone and the bushing holding it to the shaft was cracked.’
    • ‘The flow of air exits the impeller and enters a vaneless diffuser, where it is straightened out and sent into the scroll.’
    • ‘As the debris passes through the impeller that would normally be providing air flow to push leaves, it is shredded to many times its original size before entering the vacuum bag.’
    1. 1.1 A rotating device turned by the flow of water past a ship's hull, used to measure speed or distance traveled.
      • ‘The flow of water past the transducer it contained would drive a small impeller to give an electrical signal proportional to the speed of the boat.’
      • ‘The distance traveled can be measured by counting the revolutions of an impeller towed behind the vessel or mounted in its hull.’