Definition of impecuniosity in US English:



  • See impecunious

    • ‘The plaintiff seems to have a bona fide cause of action and she should not be deprived of it because of her impecuniosity.’
    • ‘On the evidence before me, however, I am not persuaded that the claimants have made out the fact as to impecuniosity, which is a condition precedent to the obligation of the state to make such provision.’
    • ‘Nor is there injustice in requiring an applicant, who does not assert impecuniosity but has repeatedly failed to pay past costs orders, to pay what is already due to the other side if he is allowed to make a further application……’
    • ‘The defendants argued that the increase in cost was due to the plaintiff's impecuniosity which prevented him from carrying out the repairs in 1990.’
    • ‘Accordingly, I'm not satisfied that the Plaintiffs have established that level of impecuniosity which would entitle them to proceed with the case unless it was clearly likely to fail.’