Definition of impeccably in US English:



  • In accordance with the highest standards; faultlessly.

    ‘everyone behaved impeccably’
    ‘she was impeccably dressed’
    • ‘He made his name with impeccably crafted movies.’
    • ‘He is impeccably dressed and always on time.’
    • ‘The pieces are impeccably made.’
    • ‘Both operettas were impeccably cast and enchantingly sung.’
    • ‘He dressed impeccably in a suit and tie.’
    • ‘The surface was impeccably polished.’
    • ‘The tiny apartment where they lived was always impeccably clean.’
    • ‘They had behaved impeccably.’
    • ‘Our standards are impeccably high for everybody.’
    • ‘Both sketches are brilliantly conceived and impeccably performed.’