Definition of impatience in US English:



  • The tendency to be impatient; irritability or restlessness.

    ‘she crumpled up the pages in a burst of impatience’
    ‘he was shifting in his seat with impatience’
    • ‘The net community's indignation and impatience with the media industries must be tempered by some empathy!’
    • ‘This brash candour and impatience with mass culture are clearly audible on these two albums.’
    • ‘Today, however, there is evidence of a growing impatience with such exploits.’
    • ‘People lobbying for the project to proceed are abundantly justified in their impatience.’
    • ‘For these days, the young in all professions are seized of a quite extraordinary impatience.’
    • ‘To say the least, I am suffering from a horrible case of impatience.’
    • ‘She warns that there are many pitfalls facing him as he tries to launch his own label - and the most dangerous is impatience.’
    • ‘It's the news a lot of people locally have been waiting for with a sense of growing impatience for a long time.’
    • ‘It's depressing when your mind becomes a sewer of spattering hate and impatience that you don't remember asking for.’
    • ‘Other negative aspects of this card are impatience leading to bad decisions and loneliness.’
    • ‘Malice, impatience and contempt were unknown to him; he would never take offence or stand on his dignity.’
    • ‘All the time, those in the queue behind me did not register the slightest show of impatience or displeasure.’
    • ‘It's a seemly confrontation of the inquisitive impatience of the young, and the stately acceptance of the old.’
    • ‘Any child gets to a point of impatience with his or her parents and the romance of having another mother or father must be terribly tempting.’
    • ‘I've covered seven other Home Secretaries, and none could match his wild impatience of criticism.’
    • ‘Still, there is that natural impatience about him which means he wants to be No 1 in the world sooner rather than later.’
    • ‘The blond woman who stood in the aisle between us wore a painted expression of impatience and utter boredom.’
    • ‘But whatever his impatience with getting things done, he always retained his integrity.’
    • ‘Leave your ego and impatience behind and it'll work out just fine.’
    • ‘Her hair is clasped in an imperfect bun, her impatience with its ticklish irritation apparent.’
    restlessness, restiveness, frustration, agitation, nervousness, edginess, jitteriness, excitability
    irritability, testiness, tetchiness, snappiness, irascibility, querulousness, peevishness, intolerance, disgruntlement, frustration, exasperation, annoyance, pique, discontent, dissatisfaction, displeasure
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