Definition of impact crater in US English:

impact crater


  • A crater on a planet or moon caused by the impact of a meteorite or other object, typically circular with a raised rim.

    • ‘It is the largest impact crater in the entire solar system.’
    • ‘But the group also established a real scientific agenda and wisely linked up with NASA's existing Haughton Mars Project, studying the Haughton meteor impact crater and its surrounding area.’
    • ‘The smaller crater is ‘just lovely, a beautiful example of an impact crater on Titan,’ she said.’
    • ‘About 31 miles [50 kilometers] southwest of Opportunity's landing location lies an impact crater that is about 16 miles [about 25 kilometers] in diameter.’
    • ‘A giant impact crater the size of Iowa was spotted on Saturn's moon Titan by NASA's Cassini radar instrument during Tuesday's Titan flyby.’
    • ‘Even if the Carolina Bays were authentic impact craters, it would be difficult to use them as corroborating evidence of an impact off the coast of Cuba where the main impact crater does not seem to exist.’
    • ‘The Deep Impact flyby spacecraft will have a ringside seat at the creation of an impact crater on a comet.’
    • ‘This is an impact crater caused by a large, falling projectile.’
    • ‘This is the best-preserved meteorite impact crater on the surface of the Earth, and it's 50,000 years old.’
    • ‘To the south of Syrtis is a large circular feature called Hellas, a deep impact crater.’
    • ‘The depth of the impact crater and its shape, as well as the characteristics of the cloud of debris that will be ejected into space, will all help determine the composition and consistency of the outer layers and hidden core of the comet.’
    • ‘Additional support for their contention that Bedout is an impact crater comes from the fact that material from the cores dates to 250 million years ago, give or take 4.5 million years.’
    • ‘A huge structure off of Australia's northwest coast has been identified by researchers as an ancient impact crater, and blamed for a mass extinction in the fossil record.’
    • ‘At the end of the Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago, an asteroid hit Earth in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, forming what is today called the Chicxulub impact crater.’
    • ‘The first mosaic shows the complex impact crater Pythagoras and the strip of images was produced from images taken consecutively along one orbit.’
    • ‘The ball's trajectory eventually led him to the Herschel Basin, a meteor impact crater, which is where he finally crash-landed.’
    • ‘Estimates of the frequencies of impacts in the 1 kilometre size bracket range from 100,000 to 333,000 years, but the youngest impact crater produced by an object of this size is almost a million years old.’
    • ‘Perhaps its most remarkable feature is a gargantuan impact crater on its surface, stretching some 280 miles across - more than three-quarters of the 330-mile diameter of Vesta itself.’
    • ‘Drill cores of the apparent ‘smoking gun’ crater on the Yucatán peninsula in south-east Mexico do not support the idea that it is an impact crater.’
    • ‘Since the initial recovery of the hardware, an inventory was made of the impact crater, both by visual examination and metal detector, to ensure no significant wreckage remains.’