Definition of immutably in US English:



  • See immutable

    • ‘That being said, the oral tradition within which troubadour song was devised and transmitted probably encouraged constant reinvention, and it is hard to believe that either melodies or accompaniments were immutably fixed.’
    • ‘But in a village - no matter what village - they were all immutably themselves; parson, organist, sweep, Duke's son and doctor's daughter, moving like chessmen upon their allotted squares.’
    • ‘Until that evening I had never thought that the dynamic activity which occurred through bathroom graffiti managed to, if not overcome, at least injure the immutably dead forces to which they attacked: hegemony.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, ‘that cast of violence’ has immutably changed the poet's perception of nature, and nature itself has been altered beyond recognition.’
    • ‘Even with the benefits bestowed by intellectual and technological progress, much of our social behaviour originates in the past and the human psyche has been immutably shaped by preceding generations.’