Definition of immunocytochemistry in US English:



  • The range of microscopic techniques used in the study of the immune system.

    • ‘The present study was therefore undertaken to compare the distribution of the three islet cell types in the native and in isolated islets of rats and monkeys by immunocytochemistry.’
    • ‘Although immunocytochemistry was not performed on our cases owing to the need to keep the slides for archival records, our hypothesis is further supported by a recent study.’
    • ‘The specialized techniques such as immunocytochemistry and polymerase chain reaction are also used with slightly more promising results.’
    • ‘For immunocytochemistry, grids were incubated with the antibodies against macrophages.’
    • ‘Cytologic features and immunocytochemistry are helpful in distinguishing this tumor from others that share similar myxoid background.’