Definition of immortalize in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually be immortalized in
  • Confer enduring fame upon.

    ‘he will be forever immortalized in the history books’
    • ‘The friends' great escape to New York and their attempts to form a band were immortalized in the television series.’
    • ‘Now his image is immortalized in one artist's version of a field study.’
    • ‘Dying before victory was achieved, he was immortalized in the ballads.’
    • ‘Ducks have since been immortalized in various pleasing cartoon forms, although usually missing critical articles of clothing.’
    • ‘In February 1997 a small group of Scottish scientists were forever immortalized in genetic advancement history.’
    • ‘But who among us is great enough to be immortalized in postage-stamp form?’
    • ‘As a result, a huge percentage of the world's species have been immortalized in stamps.’
    • ‘This second story later blended with a myth of the American as westward pioneer, which began to be immortalized in Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales in the 1820s.’
    • ‘They have been immortalized in books, mythologized on the silver screen, and featured in more than 80 documentaries.’
    • ‘That appearance of Halley's comet was immortalized in the Bayeux tapestry.’
    • ‘Hey, she certainly can't regret being immortalized in the comics.’
    • ‘If I were a scientist, I wouldn't at all mind being immortalized in this fashion.’
    • ‘I have a Sigmund Freud action figure thanks to a jet-setting friend but did not know just how many famous figures have been immortalized in plastic until now.’
    • ‘Politics aside, it was a great sports victory under very adverse conditions and deserves to be immortalized in film.’
    • ‘A bull that caused thousands of pounds of damage after seeking refuge in a Lancaster shop has been immortalized in sculpture.’
    • ‘Cells have been immortalized in the laboratory, but no one knows if the process can be translated to animals.’
    • ‘Switch it on, hit the hill, and presto, your walking distance and intensity are immortalized in the log.’
    • ‘The assassination of the French revolutionary Marat while in prison was immortalized in J.L. David's famous painting.’
    • ‘In 2002, something I wrote was immortalized in a way I had never previously imagined.’
    • ‘His past had been immortalized in historical and mythical novels, and his battle against the unseen foe of the future was being recorded even now.’
    commemorate, memorialize, keep alive the memory of, eternalize, perpetuate, preserve, enshrine
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