Definition of immortalization in US English:


(British immortalisation)


  • See immortalize

    • ‘Far from feeling voyeuristic - or, rather, more voyeuristic than the extent to which all movies are - the climax represents the apotheosis of one of cinema's ideals: the immortalization of unguarded intimacy.’
    • ‘We thought that this magnificent typo deserved immortalisation, and you too can celebrate a delicious slip of the key right here.’
    • ‘Yes, Virginia, studio enhancements are as old as the form, but the presentation extends to which songs are chosen, which banter snippeted, and indeed, even which phase of a performer's career gets chosen for immortalization.’
    • ‘We knew about him, liked him, and accepted he was good at what he did, but did not consider the relentless immortalisation of horses to add up to enough.’
    • ‘There is only one way to prevent this total obliviation and that is partial immortalization.’