Definition of immobile in US English:



  • 1Not moving; motionless.

    ‘she sat immobile for a long time’
    • ‘They stood immobile, gazing after him until the forest hid him from their sight.’
    • ‘Imagine dozens of wheezing, perplexed pugs romping, sneezing, and peeing on anything immobile.’
    • ‘Even otherwise healthy passengers are at some risk if they remain immobile during the flight.’
    • ‘The three of us have formed an involuntary and immobile conga-line, like a trio of backpackers on a rush-hour commuter train.’
    • ‘Usually, the mass is relatively immobile, with a broad-based attachment.’
    • ‘Photography must seize upon this moment and hold immobile the equilibrium of it.’
    • ‘A crowd will slowly build around you, faces immobile, sometimes catching your eye, nodding.’
    • ‘They stood immobile with the flames racing around them in a fury of sparks.’
    • ‘Their faces were as immobile as those of potentates receiving tribute from conquered tribes.’
    • ‘Neil stood immobile, staring at the door Ella had just walked through.’
    • ‘My back ached every time the bandages shifted, forcing me to keep my back stiff and immobile.’
    • ‘After four hours, breakfast is still sitting in my stomach like a lead balloon, sullen and immobile.’
    • ‘The body is so mute, so immobile that one might think she is dead.’
    • ‘While awaiting the results she became almost immobile and didn't know how she could carry on.’
    • ‘After the house lights came up, the audience remained immobile in their seats as if stricken: an apt reaction.’
    • ‘It's all fun and games until your kid is lying immobile on the ice, isn't it?’
    • ‘At room temperature, the bright regions between the dark domains were relatively immobile.’
    • ‘Sleeping is probably the only time you ever see his face relaxed, relatively immobile and at peace.’
    • ‘There was certainly no need to plan the route - we were going nowhere - or worry about the traffic, which was as immobile as school custard.’
    • ‘I keep staring at the buck as I go for cover, but the buck is immobile.’
    motionless, unmoving, without moving, still, stock-still, static, stationary, at rest, at a standstill, dormant
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    1. 1.1 Incapable of moving or being moved.
      ‘an immobile workforce’
      • ‘He also stressed that elderly and immobile parishioners relied heavily on lifts and that current public transport on Sundays was inadequate.’
      • ‘However, if he becomes immobile, a successor likely will have to be chosen quickly.’
      • ‘Some are blind, some are immobile, some are still suffering from venereal diseases and nobody cares about them.’
      • ‘Against the immobile champion, the result was devastation.’
      • ‘Their exaggerated expressions emphasize their predicament of being alive but trapped within their utterly immobile forms.’
      • ‘His right arm was badly swollen and totally immobile.’
      • ‘What good is intellect if it leaves us immobile and frozen in indecision?’
      • ‘When her blood-sugar level drops she becomes completely immobile and if it is low for more than two hours, she could die or be seriously brain damaged.’
      • ‘Several years ago, Ed had suffered a stroke that rendered him immobile.’
      • ‘The other had severe lung problems that rendered her practically immobile.’
      • ‘With the expected arrival of our second child, the first being one year old, I suffered a back injury, such as to make me immobile.’
      • ‘Abbie suffers from severe spinal muscular atrophy which renders her almost immobile.’
      • ‘Actually, despite being mostly immobile for the last two days, I awoke feeling pretty damn good.’
      • ‘Once stabilized, he went home but remained immobile for about three months.’
      • ‘Unless it was made completely immobile, it wasn't going to stop moving.’
      • ‘By destroying one of these, the creature may become immobile, but there is no guarantee it will not feel pain at other points during the boiling.’
      • ‘When prey arrives they quickly seize its extremities, pulling on legs, arms and antennae until the hostage is rendered immobile.’
      • ‘His left hand has become completely immobile because of illness.’
      • ‘Desperately, she tried to reach for the ring, but it seemed as if her hands had frozen, forever immobile.’
      immovable, unbudgeable
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Middle English: from Old French, from Latin immobilis, from in- ‘not’ + mobilis (see mobile).