Definition of imaginings in US English:


plural noun

  • Thoughts or fantasies.

    ‘this was quite beyond his worst imaginings’
    • ‘Living on the south side of the river, my imaginings merge into the indigenous nature of the locality, blending into the bigger story of humanity.’
    • ‘I could see pictures though I cannot remember whether they were real or my imaginings of the scene as it was related to me by the pilot's wife/girlfriend.’
    • ‘But their job was to be dull, and so make Doyle's fantastic imaginings believable.’
    • ‘The yearning for romance blurted out by these sweet imaginings is fierce, but the paintings are pleasantly calm, as if the act of painting them were part of a healing process.’
    • ‘Dredged directly from his personal memories and imaginings, the stories are almost a wish fulfilment, the recounting of a dreamt-of childhood.’
    • ‘Although her family had accepted that she may in fact be dead, this must have stretched beyond their worst imaginings.’
    • ‘First, I shall offer an analysis of the emotion of compassion, focusing on the thoughts and imaginings on which it is based.’
    • ‘His starry eyed, almost hallucinatory imaginings remind us that dreams are part of life, too.’
    • ‘A child of her own, even children of someone else's to look after, had been beyond her imaginings.’
    • ‘I only ever desired what was beyond my imaginings.’
    • ‘But let's consider the alternatives as they exist in the real world - not the ideal world of our utopian imaginings.’
    • ‘Are you not weaving your dreams and imaginings into reality?’
    • ‘What happened was beyond the darkest imaginings of Hollywood or horror fiction and has made any outrage seem possible.’
    • ‘Technology has progressed beyond our wildest imaginings.’
    • ‘Manuscripts, we all know, are the chief means by which the records and imaginings of twenty centuries have been preserved.’
    • ‘Far from it; things were to worsen beyond his wildest imaginings.’
    • ‘Marie has an active fantasy life, and the imaginings of the specter of her husband seem to be just the start of her mind's wandering.’
    • ‘Indeed, at the time I was distinctly underwhelmed by the discovery that the fiery red planet of everyone's vivid imaginings had turned out to be, well, beige.’
    • ‘Running is frustrating because even though my fitness levels have risen beyond all my wildest imaginings, marathons are about so much more than just stamina.’
    • ‘In those imaginings and in my extra efforts to make it all look good, I remember why yearbook nerds have been doing what they do for all these years.’