Definition of imaginatively in US English:



  • In a way that shows creativity or inventiveness.

    ‘an imaginatively designed apartment’
    ‘they need to respond imaginatively to the challenges’
    • ‘Her characterization is also imaginatively developed.’
    • ‘The old railway bridge has been imaginatively renovated.’
    • ‘Imaginatively filmed in London, there's a lot of fun to be had spotting all the locations.’
    • ‘He has written especially imaginatively on the 15th and early 16th centuries.’
    • ‘No movie has used computer graphics as imaginatively as this.’
    • ‘He always uses color imaginatively.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate, because a public gallery may have been braver in their curating choices and sought to imaginatively represent her work from fresh perspectives.’
    • ‘They also imaginatively incorporate other architects' work.’
    • ‘Student writers ought to be encouraged to use language imaginatively.’
    • ‘The camera work is imaginatively handled throughout and the sound is vivid.’