Definition of illiquidity in US English:



  • See illiquid

    • ‘But fund managers are overcoming their distaste for illiquidity in order to seek out value in the sector.’
    • ‘Higher rates might buttress the greenback, but with a real possibility of inciting deleveraging, illiquidity, and market dislocation (a hint of which was provided in July and August).’
    • ‘Its traditional disadvantages of high entry costs leading to illiquidity have been exacerbated, making it more difficult, particularly for the smaller investor, to get a foot on the ladder.’
    • ‘For his first big embroilment after the 1987 stock market crash, the enemies were discernible and all grouped together on one front - low stock prices, financial system illiquidity, and broken confidence.’
    • ‘There should be a fundamental understanding that leveraging in the asset markets creates its own liquidity during the boom, only to collapse in illiquidity come the inevitable liquidation.’