Definition of ill will in English:

ill will


  • Animosity or bitterness.

    ‘he didn't bear his estranged wife any ill will’
    • ‘In the face of popular ill will, however, Gabriel remains defiant.’
    • ‘The ill will and destroyed relationships can last a lot longer.’
    • ‘But this is a specious argument, with an almost cancerous ill will attached.’
    • ‘It's not that he's at all venal or harbors any ill will toward such folks; it's just business.’
    • ‘They bore no ill will for the court that found ‘separate but equal’ to be unconstitutional.’
    • ‘They make the difference between good will and ill will, between well-being and suffering, between peace and war.’
    • ‘They are innately evil, receptacles for ill will, jealousy, revenge and psychopathy.’
    • ‘When will America, as a nation, wake up to the reality that its foreign policy is the cause for so much of the ill will it receives across the globe.’
    • ‘It frees us from bitterness and ill will and opens us up to sharing the love we all know we crave.’
    • ‘As for the TV presenter herself, I definitely bear her no ill will.’
    • ‘But you also have to learn that they harbor no ill will towards us, and many of them dislike feeding off of innocents.’
    • ‘He was always hungry, forever demanding, brimming with ill will.’
    • ‘George forgave me for my mistake at the time, so there was no ill will.’
    • ‘For the reinstated employees, their initial ill will towards the recruits has now given way to camaraderie and sympathy.’
    • ‘This was not a matter primarily of ill will or, in many cases, overt political hostility.’
    • ‘But she looked at him, and there was no malice or ill will present in his eyes - only goodness.’
    • ‘Sorry, like I said before I have no ill will against these people.’
    • ‘Had you or any of the organisers of the event been out in the High Street on Saturday you would have been left in no doubt as to the amount of ill will and animosity your actions caused.’
    • ‘No, I am not mad at anybody, because everybody directed so much ill will at me that I could never be cruel to anybody else again.’
    • ‘I understand he said there are certainly things that happen in war and that's why he has no ill will toward his captors.’
    animosity, hostility, enmity, acrimony, animus, hatred, hate, loathing, detestation, antipathy
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ill will

/ˈɪl ˈwɪl//ˈil ˈwil/