Definition of ill-use in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /ˌɪlˈjuz//ˌilˈyo͞oz/
  • Ill-treat (someone)

    ‘she felt ill-used by her former boss’
    • ‘Nobody would ever have any cause to say I was not a fair employer since I knew only too well what it was like working as a servant in a large house and feeling as though you were being ill-used and worked to death for little reward.’
    • ‘His words were that you ill-used me and then utterly disowned us.’
    • ‘I gather she may have been ill-used.’
    • ‘Thomas felt ill-used and left, disgusted with the process.’
    • ‘Frequently ill-tempered and ill-used, their natural ability to survive for long periods without food or water nevertheless makes them valuable both as baggage animals and troop-carriers.’
    • ‘How could you turn your affection to a man that so ill-used you when I was always there longing for you?’
    • ‘The men came there, got her drunk, and held him and ill-used his wife.’
    • ‘In reaching the conclusion that Banner had failed to establish a constructive trust over the shares in Stowhelm, the judge expressed ‘some regret because I consider that Banner was somewhat ill-used by Luff’.’
    • ‘But I think she does have some justification for feeling ill-used.’
    • ‘From one point of view, Britain is now marooned in the Atlantic - distrusted by the Europeans, and ill-used by an American administration which remains stubbornly unilateralist and even nationalist.’
    • ‘I do not despise your child… just the memory of how you were so ill-used.’
    • ‘Kelly, a whistleblower who the government would naturally have despised, was elevated to the role of a honourable man whom Gilligan had supposedly ill-used to further his nefarious anti-government agenda.’
    • ‘Indeed, comparing him to Benedict Arnold is instructive: both gifted men were at times disgracefully ill-used.’
    • ‘Her character just stays in the hotel room the entire day, moping around in panties and looking ill-used.’
    • ‘Natalya Bessmertnova is delicate as the long-suffering Phrygia, cruelly separated from her husband, ill-used by Crassus and mocked by Aegina, finding Spartacus again only to lose him in the final battle with the superior Roman forces.’
    • ‘I hope you have not made any hasty arrangements with him for certainly you can surmise, his only intentions will be to ill use her and then cast her aside in poverty and disgrace.’
    • ‘But in the very next sentence he mocked that he himself had been ill-used.’
    beat up, beat, batter, strike, hit, punch, thump, thrash, smack, slap, cuff, buffet, pummel, belabour
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Pronunciation /ˌilˈyo͞os//ˌɪlˈjus//ˌɪlˈjuz//ˌilˈyo͞oz/
  • Ill-treatment.

    • ‘Shylock is certainly a more malicious individual than Antonio, Bassanio, or Portia, yet there can be no question that the Jew suffers ill use at the hands of the Christians.’
    • ‘His ears went slowly flat in the blackness, and a vast sense of ill-use suffused him as he heard snarling male voices and a lighter, more breathless female one that tried to hide its fear.’
    ill treatment, mistreatment, abuse, ill use, ill usage, misuse, bad treatment
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