Definition of ill-natured in US English:



  • Bad-tempered or mean-spirited.

    • ‘During an ill-natured Senate hearing on the treatment of Vietnam veterans he and another senator found themselves in violent disagreement.’
    • ‘I ignored the ill-natured feeling and tried to look on the bright side (if there was one).’
    • ‘I had been aware myself in recent times that this column was dark, unfunny, ill-natured and ill humoured.’
    • ‘In the past, when homosexuality was still considered shameful, I was slow to confess my desires to anyone - which made my reluctance to return women's affections seem all the more ill-natured.’
    • ‘There is also a ridiculous braggart warrior, and two maidens of different aspect and character, one fair and ill-natured, the other ugly and compassionate, who both visit a magic well in search of a husband.’
    • ‘Callan was brought to ill-natured life by actor Edward Woodward, who added a complex moral dimension to the hard-bitten killer, whose life on the edge of society leaves him little room for a personal life.’
    • ‘She proceeded to exploit her ill health to become the most feared of all chronic suffers, an ill-natured and tyrannical invalid.’
    • ‘No, that was very mean and ill-natured of her!’
    • ‘I could not even speak for joy and excitement, and then - how ill-natured of them!’
    • ‘A fifth lion, rearing up on its hind legs, prepares to attack an unsuspecting but seemingly ill-natured winged griffin seated stiffly on its haunches.’
    • ‘It is more an ill-natured rant than a measured analysis.’
    • ‘A fascinating variant appeared fifteen years later in The Vermont Anti-Masonic Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1831: ‘Poor fences make lean cattle and ill-natured neighbors’.’
    • ‘Other people we have spoken to believe they are sold to universities for testing purposes, or for use in dog fights (they use these good-natured pets and have vicious ill-natured animals tear them apart for profit and amusement).’
    • ‘The ladies trained their beaks on her, like pale, ill-natured birds, and returned to scanning the crowd for safe subjects of ridicule.’
    • ‘Haven't you met an ill-natured Christian before?’
    • ‘The ill-natured Marx, the venomous Lenin, the murderous Stalin all had a deep-seated loathing of all those who disagreed with them.’
    • ‘‘The way you're holding that bow, it couldn't do much damage anyway,’ came his reply to my ill-natured question.’
    • ‘Do you honestly think one chosen by a unicorn would be so ill-natured as to force one of us to do his bidding?’
    • ‘Predictably he succumbed to his brother's ill-natured comments and began a whiny protest.’
    • ‘She knew that she sounded ill-natured, but she wasn't particularly in the mood for company.’
    mean, nasty, spiteful, malicious, disagreeable, bitter, poisonous, venomous
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/ˈɪl ˈˌneɪtʃərd//ˈil ˈˌnāCHərd/