Definition of ill-favored in English:


(British ill-favoured)


  • Unattractive or offensive.

    ‘he was by anyone's reckoning ill-favored and homely’
    • ‘No wonder that audience had a good giggle over the lady called Platée, an ill-favored but supremely self-confident marsh nymph so convinced of her feminine charms that she sets out to land Jupiter himself.’
    • ‘Few of the troupe's current performers are up to their assignments, being too young, too old, physically ill-favored, or simply insufficiently gifted - but every last one of them reflects the company's admirable governing ideas.’
    • ‘The owner is an ill-favoured prole, operating on the margins of economic viability and the law.’
    • ‘On general examination, Gollum is a pale, emaciated hobbit, with scanty hair and big eyes: ‘A skulking creature with an ill-favoured look.’’
    • ‘The figure of fun here is the titular heroine, an ill-favored but supremely self-confident marsh nymph so convinced of her feminine charms that she sets out to land the king of the gods himself.’
    • ‘Uncannily she appears: an ill-favoured old crone who is transformed into fresh young Papagena once he engages to marry her.’
    • ‘This deformity alone was a tragedy to one like Michelangelo who loved everything beautiful, yet must go through life knowing himself to be ill-favoured.’
    • ‘Francesca, daughter of Giovanni da Polenta, count of Ravenna, was given in marriage by him to Giovanni (Sciancato, the Lame) Malatesta, of Rimini, an ill-favoured man, in return for his military services.’
    • ‘He is afflicted with recurring clinical depression, driven by stress - for instance, by terror about jumping out of aeroplanes or plucking up the nerve to mention to Mma Ramotswe his custody of two ill-favoured orphans.’
    • ‘She became the comic symbol of the longing for grace and beauty that is in some way shared by everyone who is clumsy and shy and ill-favored.’
    • ‘To be fair, Mr. Maroval's son did not act in any way to make her think him ill-favored.’
    • ‘Any changes to the council tax system, for example the introduction of new bands, should not be allowed to worsen the already ill-favoured position of rural areas.’
    • ‘He also had some fun mocking an ill-favoured ginger-haired family: ‘There are some things in life you can't choose.’’
    unattractive, plain, unappealing, ugly, ugly looking, hideous, unsightly, unlovely, plain as a pikestaff
    not much to look at, short on looks, fugly
    no oil painting
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