Definition of ignorantly in US English:



  • See ignorant

    • ‘But once they agreed to partake in this vicious experiment, all of them descended to the level of the worst kind of famewhores: people who will ignorantly sacrifice their dignity to be on television.’
    • ‘Whereas a month ago I ignorantly fumbled for the light switches, toilets, mugs, photocopier, window locks, phone system and coffee, I now could moonlight giving organised tours.’
    • ‘But we are ignorantly destroying our own heritage… throwing mud on our own heads!’
    • ‘When he's not yammering ignorantly about the Catholic Faith and struggling to find new ways to square the circle, he's often quite good.’
    • ‘I will never understand whether it was complete inexperience or a heady excitement just to be going to college that allowed me to ignorantly trust my father to handle everything properly.’