Definition of ignorance is bliss in English:

ignorance is bliss


  • If you do not know about something, you do not worry about it.

    • ‘The secret to working with dangerous animals is to remember that ignorance is bliss.’
    • ‘Unless you believe ignorance is bliss, the discovery of the truth of any situation is a good thing.’
    • ‘Ignorance is bliss to the general public when it comes to such sensitive and important institutions as the economy.’
    • ‘There truly are times when ignorance is bliss, Miss.’
    • ‘She had already learned that ignorance is bliss.’
    • ‘Most of us believe that ignorance is bliss.’
    • ‘Ignorance is bliss on the executive rung of the corporate ladder.’
    • ‘No wonder they claim that ignorance is bliss.’
    • ‘They say ignorance is bliss, and that proved to be the case because I wasn't overawed in that first game.’
    • ‘Ignorance is bliss and we have absolutely no clue whether we are in a tourist rip-off joint or an authentic charming authentic tea house.’