Definition of idolization in US English:


(British idolisation)


  • See idolize

    • ‘After people become fed up with stereotypical beauty idols, which Warhol once mocked in his works on Hollywood stars, an idolization of alternative celebrities arises.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the plot makes some cogent comments on the idolization of designers, and the ending is ruthlessly appropriate.’
    • ‘The idolization of the market as a perfect, self-regulating mechanism that always leads to the best possible outcomes is as far from reality as the hopes of socialist central planners.’
    • ‘The difference between seeing The Smiths live and Morrissey live can be characterized as the difference between adoration and idolization.’
    • ‘I was a fourteen year old whose mother made fun of her own idolization of another self-obsessed, overly dramatic singer who similarly became a bloated replica of himself.’