Definition of idol in English:



  • 1An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.

    • ‘What we believe about Genesis is not an issue like eating meat sacrificed to idols.’
    • ‘Aryans on the other hand had no idols and worshipped nature, as human forms that resided in the heavens.’
    • ‘Some people are so weak that they are afraid of eating things sacrificed to idols.’
    • ‘These were, we must remember, unbelieving Gentiles, worshipers of idols and knew very little of the Jewish religion.’
    • ‘Each village has its own goddess or Gramadevata, often in the form of an idol worshipped under a sacred tree.’
    • ‘Some worship idols, foolishly ignorant; others put trust in the tombs of the dead.’
    • ‘What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols?’
    • ‘In theological terms this led into seeing it as defined through the worship of God and idols.’
    • ‘They even went to heathen temples, worshipped idols, and called to the Devil for help.’
    • ‘My mind sped from the first commandment to Paul's advice about eating food offered to idols.’
    • ‘The pagan deities' idols Baal and Ashera, on the other hand, had no such scruples.’
    • ‘This is based on Isaiah's notion that the idols represented the purported power of the nations.’
    • ‘Ironically, Abraham's father, Terach, had made his living selling idols of various gods.’
    • ‘Make this city one of peace and security and preserve me and my sons from worshipping idols.’
    • ‘They destroyed an idol to a god that was leading the world into immorality.’
    • ‘Israel had more heathen kings and again the people began to worship idols.’
    • ‘Then we have a history of divinity bestowed on idols, rivers and trees by men.’
    • ‘Rashi suggests that Rachel stole Laban's idols to prevent her father from worshiping them.’
    • ‘Paul himself offers a good example in his treatment of eating meats sacrificed to idols.’
    • ‘Some of the children of Israel had begun to stray after the daughters of Moav and to worship their idols.’
    icon, god, image, likeness, fetish, totem, statue, figure, figurine, doll, carving
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    1. 1.1 A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.
      ‘movie idol Robert Redford’
      • ‘For many adolescents, particularly young women, their hearts really do belong to singing and movie idols.’
      • ‘But he was also a keen footballer who admired his idols Manchester United and who enjoyed a kickabout with friends.’
      • ‘Wilder grew up loving Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, but his great idol was famed director Ernst Lubitsch.’
      • ‘Now, she dreams of becoming a big name producer emulating her idol, hip-hop star Kanye West.’
      • ‘After all no-one needs past heroes when there are new idols to laud.’
      • ‘But he will know that the Victorians had their own idols, especially among the heroes and martyrs of the Empire.’
      • ‘We change our tastes and opinions with the same blinding speed that TV can make you famous or the press turn on idols they once loved.’
      • ‘Football watchdogs are hoping to cut the cost for soccer fans desperate to keep up with their soccer idols.’
      • ‘It would seem the British public would prefer to admire their idols from afar but next door is just a little too close for comfort.’
      • ‘In the Arab world many of these people are literary celebrities, film idols, and media stars.’
      • ‘A vegetarian socialist with great personal charm and a definite way with the love poem, you remain an idol for female readers.’
      • ‘What friend, dignitary, hero, sports idol, movie star, etc. might we ask over to eat with us?’
      • ‘Up to five children will impersonate their favourite rock and pop idols live on stage in front of an audience with special voting keypads.’
      • ‘He just couldn't believe that he would in fact become a big rock star, just like his idols.’
      • ‘The Presley posse had gathered in York to celebrate and commemorate their idol, who died 25 years ago today.’
      • ‘He had the look of a former idol or tennis star with his medium build, blue eyes, and short wavy blonde hair.’
      • ‘Now the aristos and film idols have been joined by sports stars.’
      • ‘I know that Dad was an idol to millions who grew up loving his music and his ideals.’
      • ‘IT'S taken him 30 years, but Al Pacino finally seems comfortable with his status as a movie idol.’
      • ‘Raising the subject is more racist than people simply choosing their favourite idol.’
      hero, heroine, star, superstar, icon, celebrity, celebutante
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Middle English: from Old French idole, from Latin idolum ‘image, form’ (used in ecclesiastical Latin in the sense ‘idol’), from Greek eidōlon, from eidos ‘form, shape’.