Definition of idiotype in US English:



  • 1The set of genetic determinants of an individual.

    • ‘Since the combining sites of Abs and TCRs vary continually as part of the somatic combinatorial process, anti-Ab and TCR idiotypes arise continuously within the Ab and TCR components.’
    • ‘The consensus idiotype of H. vulgare was based on scoring within the H. vulgare group of 57 lines, with band frequencies of less than 0.5 scored as 0 and all other frequencies scored as 1.’
    1. 1.1 A set of antigen-binding sites which characterizes the antibodies produced by a particular clone of antibody-producing cells.
      • ‘If the antibodies used for immunoassays have similar idiotypes as the imagining antibody then these endogenous anti-idiotypic HAMAs may block the binding of the diagnostic antibodies.’
      • ‘Augmentation of immune responses to the disease with dendritic cells and idiotype vaccination is also being evaluated.’
      • ‘The first clinical study involved injecting monocyte derived DCs pulsed with idiotype protein derived from B cell lymphoma 36.’